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Is this you telling a joke that I don’t get? Or God telling a joke that I do…?

When I opened my newspaper, there were many, many, tiny bees inside. I had to call someone else to viciously murder them/shoo them outside.

Normally I’d take a situation like that as a clear sign that I should wish for the death of print media, but I have friends who work for newspapers, so instead I guess I’ll side with whatever’s killing the bees. Sorry, bees.


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eat a burrito tanisha

I will do that, especially now that I have a Burrito Boyz reloadable gift card, which puts 10% of whatever I spend back on the card instantly for my burrito buying convenience.

107.5 to go, Jennifer!

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#why did we ever have pennies to begin with Perhaps because you used to be able to buy useful items for just one penny? the times they are a’changing.

Old Man McGillicuddy over here with the penny candy.

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I am staging an intervention

molly plsreplies

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always the eternal debate between burrito boyz, fat bastards, and chipotle in my friend group. sigh.

I’ve yet to find myself at Chipotle during my burrito countdown, though I’ve eaten a terrible burrito from some place in Whitby. WHITBY!

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you didn’t see the other side tho it says ‘except if your name is tanisha’
I’ll pray for you, even though you’re trash.

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clearly, as you are damn texting while #imnotdriving omg
Don’t worry, I wasn’t the photographer. I always drive with both hands firmly on the wheel. One run in with the law was enough for me.
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Don’t lie I know you’re putting that Bubble Yum in your ass​​
lookslikeicavedfml replied to your post: ​Went to Dollarama to get baby oil, rubber gloves,…
"none of this is Butt Stuff™ I stg" or is it hmm

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Is my name a curse word?

knowbetter replied to your post: *makes shitty inflammatory post* *car…

so you made another post about carrots?

Wow, Brooke, I expect this kind of trash from M***l but I thought we were friends! The betrayal is too real rn.

ratherembarrassing replied to your post: your replies to my text posts:
you’re the one who got arrested trying to buy a mcflurry, cupcake.

Not while trying to, afterwards. I know the story was, like, six whole paragraphs, but they were quite short, so I don’t understand this weak grasp of the details, tbh.

Do keep up, my little croquembouche.